Cartagena Colombia, Tutoring Program

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Cartagena Colombia, Tutoring Program

After living in Cartagena for a year, we were able to really learn and discover ways in which we could help and start to make a difference.  We saw the struggles of the school system and that student to teacher ratios can easily be 40 to 1.  This makes it difficult for teachers to help those students falling behind.  Therefore, students who fall behind, don't have the resources or opportunities to catch up and they eventually drop out of school to help their families in other ways.

In 2015 we partnered with Pan de Vida to start a tutoring program in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Cartagena. After the first year, we already began to see amazing results.  And the impact continues to grow.  The tutoring program reaches up to 50 children and the staff truly invests in them and their families.  These children have a safe place to learn, grow, and people who believe in them.  They have hope.

Future programs and partnerships coming soon

We continue to monitor and research the needs around the world where we can help.  We are excited about some possible future partnerships that we are currently vetting and will share more once approved.  

We know there is more we can do....

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